January 21, 2019

What does your perfect morning look like?

My Ink & Volt Planner has me start each week with a reflection. On a good Monday I can find the time to do it in the morning. Today I managed to get there before the end of day, which is still pretty good.

If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes.” — Crystal Pain

Plot out your perfect morning and make it happen one day this week.

Can you master this perfect routine? Practice makes perfect.

  • Wake up early, before the kids, ideally 6am.
  • I went to bed before 10.
  • I have a glass of water, then coffee.
  • I meditate for 20 minutes.
  • I can read or write for 30 minutes.
  • I have time to make my oldest’s lunch and empty the dishwasher.
  • One of the kids wakes up and I have time to hang out with them a bit before the other wakes up.

I was shocked to realize how simple and attainable this was, I hadn’t realized I had been looking for a little space and quiet for myself in the mornings.


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Yesterday I thought about my perfect morning. I realized it was pretty simple. Today I’m trying to make it happen. Good morning.